4 Reasons why you need a sewing planner


Do you have all of these sewing projects just waiting to be finished, or you just can’t seem to get started on any of them?

Is it making you feel guilty and frustrated, like there is something wrong with you?

“Why can’t I just finish these projects?”

“Why can’t I just get started?”

“Why do I feel ‘stuck” and like my creativity is gone?”

I bet this sounds pretty familiar, huh?

As creatives, (and yes, being a sewist means you are part of the creative’s club) we can easily get stuck and overwhelmed by the sheer number of ideas and projects floating around in our heads.

And as soon as that overwhelm sets in, our creative juices just seem to stop flowing and we get stuck.

And Frustrated.. And guilty…

Omg, I hear ya.

We feel like we shouldn’t be feeling this way.

You know what? It’s normal.

I happens to the best of us!

But it doesn’t have be this way.

We don’t have to stay stuck, feeling like poo and feeling guilty for feeling stuck and feeling like poo, and on and on…

So what is a sewist to do?

Girl, you need a plan, and some killer support.

You need a sewing project planner.

The Ultimate Sewing Planner

What the what?


But not just any ole run of the mill planner. Those ain’t gonna do it for ya.

You need a planner that is made for you, a creative, a sewist.

Why do I need this, you ask?

Well, let me tell ya.

#1: Time baby

We all need it and most of us don’t have enough of it.

But guess what? We have way more of it than we realize…

“I just didn’t have time to sew this week.”

But you spent 6 hours binge watching Netflix.

Or, 2 hours each day scrolling Facebook.

Oh, the time suck of IG, wishing you could be as cool as all of the other grammers.

What if you could see where your time was being spent?

When you can see where your actual time is being spent, it allows you to be more effective with your free time.

If you lay out your monthly time frame, you are more likely to fill your downtime with meaningful projects.

Knowing what to expect each day can mean the difference between productivity or frustration.

With the Ultimate Sewing Planner, you can track your time throughout the month in a bullet journal format that allows you to see at a glance how to manage your precious free time more wisely.

Allowing you to actually fit in sewing or project time.

How freaking awesome would that be?

#2: Stress Relief

You’re exhausted and your head has just hit the pillow. Within seconds your little brain starts messing with you and all of the things you have on your plate.

Say buh bye to a goodnights sleep.

Did you know that just taking a few mins each day to write down and dump out ideas can lead to stress relief?

Even if you don’t get to everything you dump out, just the process of getting it out of your head onto paper can make you feel immensely better.

Stopping that train of crazy from thundering through your head each night.

Having a planner like the Ultimate Sewing Planner allows you to dump out ideas each day, creating a space that helps you focus and feel less stressed.

Knowing what you need to be working on and when can help relive those stressful feelings and sleepless nights.

And I know you’re ready to get off the crazy train, amiright?

#3: Flexibility

Planning doesn’t necessarily mean ridged.

A good planner helps you lay out plans.

A great planner helps you lay out plans and retain flexibility.

For some of us, not being able to change our plans or rearrange them to better suit our time and needs can lead to unnecessary stress.

The Ultimate Sewing Planner is designed to help you lay out project plans that keep you focused and retain that flexibility.

Being able to move projects around as needed to fit your unique schedule and needs.

No guilt here, girlfriends!

#4: Boost Creativity

A great planner not only helps you get stuff done, but boosts your creativity.

A planner is not only a planning space, but should also be a creative workspace.

The Ultimate Sewing Planner is designed to be completely customizable to fit your creative personality.

It has lots of space to brainstorm, idea dump, doodle, and write.

Having this type of planner and workspace that is your very own makes planning each day a blast.

You will love opening up your planner everyday and getting those creative juices flowing.

Are you ready to stop living in that gray frustrating world of unfinished projects and hobby guilt?

The Ultimate Sewing Planner is a different kind of planner

It will change the way you sew and approach your projects.

You will have a new sense of purpose and get out of that creative rut.

It is designed for the way creative minds work.

This planner is a fillable, downloadable planner that is dateless. You can use it year after year, week after week, never needing to buy another planner again!

It has all of the space you need to create, design, and project plan with purpose.

Start sewing more and seeing your sewing projects come to life and get finished.

This planner also comes with a free mini workshop that walks you step by step how to use and get the most out of your planner.

With a question and answer forum right in the workshop!

This is the only planner that comes with the support you need to keep you motivated and on track.

You can ask me questions and communicate with other just like you!

You can join the FB group if you need a little external accountability.

I would love to be a part of your sewing and planning journey!

Get your hands on your copy of the Ultimate Sewing Planner right now!

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What are you waiting for?

The time you’ve spent trying to decide if this planner is worth it, you could have already been planning and gettin’ stuff done!