The Top 5 Best Vintage Sewing Blogs

top 5 best vintage sewing blogs


Do you love sewing vintage style garments as much as I do?

There is just something about recreating and sewing vintage styles that is just…well, it’s freaking awesome! And people love it.

Anytime I am dressed up in my vintage finest, I get so many people talking to me that probably never would. It starts conversations. It gets people thinking. It is like being an ambassador to a bygone era.

But it is not gone. It is right here, everyday. And there are some amazing vintage sewing bloggers out there keeping it alive and well.

These are the vintage sewing bloggers you need in your life, like right now.

These are my personal favorite vintage sewing blogger/vloggers out there. They are who I follow. They are who I watch. And you should too. I'm just saying. 

If they don’t get you excited for vintage inspired sewing, well I’m not sure I can help you. There just might be something seriously wrong with you…

They are in no particular order. I couldn't choose a favorite. I just couldn't...

So, are you ready for some inspiration? (vinspiration….?)

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Vintage on Tap

What I love about Bianca and Vintage on Tap is her super body positive message and how sewing for yourself can boost your self esteem. Her empowering message teaches you about sewing and self love. Her blog and youtube channel are full of sew alongs and she has many tutorials on full bust adjustments using herself as a fit model which is perfect. Bianca walks you through the process with her conversational tone and honesty. She makes sewing seem so approachable for anyone. If her body positive message doesn’t boost your sewing self esteem I don’t know what will.

You can find Bianca here:




Sewing Vintage with Tara Moss

If you ever wanted Lauren Bacall to to teach you how to sew then this is the Youtube Channel for you. Author turned seamstress, Tara is the embodiment of Old Hollywood and her sexy, husky voice leads you through all of her sewing adventures since she took up the craft. More of a sewing who’s who than full on tutorials, Tara interviews sewing bloggers, influencers, and well known people in the industry. All the while interspersing the narrative with her own sewing adventures. It will inspire you and show you just how far you can come on your own sewing journey in a short amount of time.

You can find Tara here:




Evelyn Wood

Evelyn is an expert dressmaker and a vintage refashionista extraordinaire. If you love refashioning thrift store finds, then she is your vintage gal. I’ve been following her for a while on Instagram and her thrift store redos into vintage fashion are freaking awesome. It is like vintage sewing magic! She has a free learn to sew workshop on her blog right now that will get you started sewing in no time. She has a Learn to Speak Dressmaker series on Youtube which is fantastic. Her 1920’s vibe and accent feels like Miss Fisher turned dressmaker.

You can find Evelyn here:




The Crafty Pin Up

Abi is a fantastic seamstress and she is just so darn cute! Her vibrant youtube channel is full of tutorials, fabric hauls, and sew alongs. She is also a Simplicity Vintage Sewing Ambassador! She hosts a Stitch by Stitch sew along series where she sews up Simplicity vintage patterns and guides you through them. But she also has tons of sew alongs for all kinds of vintage patterns. I love the amount of variation on her channel and her Sew and Tell series gives you a sneak peek into her sewing wardrobe. I always love to see what fellow sewists wear of their own making.

You can find Abi here:





A little over 10 years ago, Gertie took the sewing world by storm with her quirky vintage style and her blog: Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing. She is now a 4 time sewing book author, world traveler, and Instagram influencer. Her style and sewing skills have developed over the years into Glamour Sewing at it’s finest. She is a sewing pattern contributor for Butterick and has now launched her own indie sewing pattern line: Charm Patterns, along with a new blog. Her vintage patterns are fantastic, sexy, and fun.

You can find Gertie here:



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Who are your favorite vintage sewing bloggers? Let me know in the comments!