Have you always wanted to be part of the coolest sewing group around?


A place where you can hang out and talk sewing all day and no one will think you are weird? In fact, you will seem totally normal!

A club where you can learn to sew and get all the help and support you've ever dreamed of?

Does this sound freaking amazing?

Then you need to join our club. You need this in your life. 

Join Miss Retro Rachael's Sewport Group!

We have more fun than any other sewing group out there! And there are live classes, tutorials, and sew alongs. It's sewing all day, everyday. 

Don't believe me?

Why don't you join us and see for yourself? I've been sewing for a long time and this is the most killer group of sewists this side of town!


Maybe you want to know a little more? If you'd like to meet me and learn a little more about Miss Retro Rachael and what you will learn hanging out with me, click here: About Miss Retro Rachael