Do you feel guilty from lack of productivity and get overwhelmed with your growing pile of sewing projects?

You’re not alone…

How would you like to be able to:

  • Plan out your sewing projects

  • Bring your sewing ideas to life

  • Design a beautiful sewn wardrobe for your body that you are proud to wear

  • Track and see real progress in your sewing

What would that be worth to you?


To the last sewing planner you will ever need!

Ultimate Sewing Planner
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The Ultimate Sewing Planner is a detailed project, wardrobe planner, progress tracker, and bullet journal, that will forever change the way you approach your sewing projects, allowing you to become more focused and productive.

With this planner... 

  • Upload photos and line drawing right in the planner before you print!

  • Plan out your projects in advance, staying focused and organized throughout the year

  • Flexible design grows with you, inspiring your creativity! 

  • Print and reprint year after year, week after week 

You will be able to lay out detailed projects plans, design and plan your perfect wardrobe, track progress, and take notes.

Using the monthly and weekly calendar, you will able to visually lay out your plans and always knowing what you will be working on.

How will this sewing planner work for you?

The Ultimate Sewing Planner is interactive!

One of the unique features of the Ultimate Sewing Planner is that it’s an interactive pdf.

You can fill it out, add photos, garment line drawing, body drawings, color swatches, anything you’d like for inspiration and planning before you ever print it out!

Imagine being able to insert garment line drawings or body drawings into the planner, print, then start designing right in the planner!


This is an Evergreen Sewing Planner

Once you invest in the planner, you will never need to purchase another planner again!

It’s a dateless planner that you can use week after week, year after year.

Printing and reprinting as many times as you need!

Sewing Planner
Sewing Planner

How about a detailed Sewing Project Planner

The project planner helps you get all of your sewing ideas out and narrow them down into an achievable plan.

You can track your projects, create detailed shopping lists, and take notes that you can refer to for future reference.

Once you have your projects planned out, you can use the monthly and weekly calendar to visually layout your plans, always knowing when you will be able to work on each project.

Sewing Planner

You can also use the project planner to plan out sewing skills and techniques you would like to master.

Ultimate Sewing Planner
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A Sewing Bullet Journal

This planner has elements of a bullet journal, with space to track your projects, sewing moods, add quotes, ideas, and personal details, turning this into a planner that is uniquely yours.

Printing this planner on high quality printer paper will allow you to draw and design in marker, creating the perfect workspace for you.

Sewing Planner
Sewing Planner

The Ultimate Sewing Planner is an in-depth Wardrobe Planner

This wardrobe planner was created to work with My Body

My Body Model will create a line drawing of your body (called a croquis) using your measurements.

It looks just like your body!

sewing planner
Sewing Planner

*croquis images not included


Not the unrealistic fashion model drawings we are so used to seeing.

With this amazing feature, you can use your own personal croquis to design the perfect wardrobe for you, knowing how each garment will look on your body before you sew it up!

It’s not necessary to purchase a My Body Model croquis to use this planner.

You can upload any generic croquis into the planner.

But I can’t recommend My Body Model enough. I designed this wardrobe planner because I was so inspired by the body positivity of My Body Model!

You can get a free preview of what your personal croquis will look like right here: My Body


How would you like to challenge yourself and see real sewing progress you can track?

Are ready to challenge yourself and see real improvement in your sewing?

The Ultimate Sewing Planner includes a 20 Hour Sewing Challenge.

Sewing Planner

20 hours is all it takes to see crazy improvement in your sewing.

That’s it.

Less than a day!

With the 20 Hour Sewing Challenge, you will be able to actually document and “see” how much you’ve improved.


This planner comes with a support system

Once you invest in the planner, you will be sent a link to join my free Ultimate Sewing Planner mini workshop.

I will walk you step-by-step how to upload photos into the sewing planner, print, add details to make the planner your own, and how to get the most out of your sewing planner.

You will also have access to the Facebook Group where we have a weekly accountability thread for those who need a little extra help reaching their sewing goals.

You can choose not to invest in this planner

You can keep on sewing like always, wishing you could achieve all of your sewing dreams.

Nothing will change. And wouldn’t that be unfortunate?

Nothing will change.

But wouldn’t you love to have a sewing plan that comes to life?

Track amazing progress in your sewing.

Create a wardrobe meant just for you.

Be inspired and proud of what you acomplised.

Everyday support and guidance.

What are you waiting for?

Click the buy it now button to be the change you wish to see in your sewing.

Ultimate Sewing Planner
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P.S. Just think, the time you are spending trying to decide if this planner is worth it, you could already be planning and gettin stuff done! Grab the Ultimate Sewing Planner and start finishing the sewing projects that matter.

Still trying to decide? Read the FAQ’s

Will you ship this planner to me?

No, this is a digital product that will be sent to you via email once you purchase.

What if I lose or can’t find my download?

No worries! Just send me an email and I will send you a new copy.

Will you have access to my credit card information?

No, we securely process all payments through PayPal and Stripe.

What if I need help using the Ultimate Sewing Planner?

When you purchase the planner, you will be sent a link to join the free mini workshop that will show you how to use the planner.