Buy slopers for sewing pattern drafting pattern blocks

Have you been looking for sewing pattern slopers that you can download and print or use in Adobe Illustrator?

Look no further!

Well drafted, accurate slopers are a must for pattern drafting.

You can create your own.

But creating your own takes time. A lot of time. Each set of our slopers takes at least 80 hours to create and test!

That is time you could be drafting your own patterns!

You can buy paper slopers but that adds up and they aren’t in an easy to use digital format and you have to pay and wait for shipping. And you’ll have to turn them into a digital format yourself if you want to create a PDF pattern line.

To be able to draft in Illustrator you will have to digitally create your own slopers.

Why spend all of that time creating your own slopers for drafting when you can get started right away creating your own patterns to sell using our pre-made slopers!

  • We are unique in offering digitized slopers that you can download and use directly in Adobe Illustrator for digital pattern drafting.

Our slopers are ready to use right away, no waiting for shipping. No spending hours and hours creating your own digital slopers.

  • This allows you to start your pattern line immediately, saving a ton of time and work.

  • Our slopers are simple and easy to use, no complicated size choices and design options.

  • Each sloper has all the correct darts and placement unlike other free and paid slopers.

The Ai files can be opened right in Illustrator, where you can digitally manipulate the slopers and create patterns with no tedious paper drafting. This allows you to create more accurate patterns quickly and efficiently!

But if paper drafting is your thing, you can easily print out the PDF slopers.

Our sewing pattern slopers are created from the most current ASTM size standards and come in a wide range of sizes so you have the most options for creating your unique pattern line.

Selling PDF sewing patterns is big business. Why not get started on yours today?

Our Slopers have:

  • Multiple formats so you can draft on paper or in Adobe Illustrator

  • More inclusive sizing so you can create your ideal pattern range

  • Minimal ease for accurate pattern drafting

  • No seam or hem allowances

  • Finished measurements listed in inches and centimeters on each sloper


Skirt Sloper Size Chart

Standard Sizes


Plus Sizes


Try out our Skirt Slopers!

Ai and PDF Format

All Sizes


Ai Format only

All Sizes

buy sloper pattern block for sewing pattern drafting

PDF Format Only

All Sizes

buy sloper pattern block for sewing pattern drafting

Ai and PDF Format

One Size


More Slopers Coming Soon!