Ultimate Zipper Workshop

Tools and Supplies list!

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will make a small commission. 


These the tools and supplies I use to make installing zippers super easy and fool proof. If you only get one thing on this list, get the Basting Spray. It's life changing!


The Basics:



Seam Ripper

Scrap paper

Narrow Zipper foot (I don’t use an invisible zipper foot)


All Purpose Zipper 

at least 2” longer than you need


Invisible Zipper 

at least 2” longer than you need


Buy longer Zippers! 

Stock up when you can. The longer the better! 

Short Zippers are harder to install.


Pro Tools: (For my Secret Sauce)


Washi Tape! Yep, that’s right.


Pilot Frixion Erasable Pins. These things are the bomb.


Pellon Sheer Knit fusible interfacing. This is the interfacing I use almost exclusively in all of my garments. 


My Secret Weapon:

Spray n Bond Basting Adhesive. This stuff is gonna change your life!